When Lok'nStore chose to partner with us at Magna Signs for their latest run of new stores we knew how important signage was to their marketing campaigns and quickly got to work on maximising the impact their signage has.

This involved:

  • Advising on the different materials and techniques for their illuminated signage to maximise impact throughout the year
  • Freestanding totem designs to catch the eye in an extremely competitive marketplace
  • All way finding and internal signage
  • Working with planning consultant on all technical drawings and planning details
  • All signage produced in-house
  • Magna fitting crews on site to install all signage under main contractor scheduling

Further details

  • As well new build fit-outs, we also undertook a schedule of changing all remaining neon tube lit signage to LEDs to improve performance, efficiency and value for money for the client.

The result of this partnership between Lok'nStore and Magna Signs has been a series of outstanding signage projects with true eye-catching installations all delivered:

  • On Brand
  • On Budget
  • On Time